Indoor Training Testimonials


Michela Hewitt
Frederick High School

I’ve done REAL Training for my Junior and Senior year. I wish I would have started sooner. But those two years were the best experience ever. REAL Training coach’s didn’t just help me to be faster and a stronger athlete, it taught me so much more! Such as valuable life lessons, how to have a good mind set, growing as a person and athlete, and that hard work and dedication is everything. I have become an exponentially better runner, athlete and person. The coach’s at REAL Training helped me get mentally and physically strong. They really believed in me, even when I doubted myself. I learned that I had to believe in myself and trust my coach’s because they were there to help me.The coach’s made me stronger, they pushed me to run my best at my full potential, and to never give up no matter how hard anything becomes. The REAL Training coaches helped me to achieve my dream of running at college, they helped open many opportunities at the collegiate level. Not only does REAL Training make me a better athlete but the environment is so much fun! It’s really nice to have peers who share the same passion for track and we all push each other to give 100%. REAL Training is like having a second family.


Tess Leuchten
Shining Mountain Waldorf High School

This was my second winter participating with REAL training. Coming from a very small school, I was nervous to start training in a very large group of people that I didn’t know without my friends from the previous year, but it ended up being an incredible experience. The coaches and runners took me right in and made me a part of the family. Despite the amount of kids, the coaches make time for every single one of the athletes. The coaches are always available for questions and make a noticeable effort to know each athlete as an individual. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge throughout the group, allowing me to learn something new every practice. I learned so much and met so many new people this winter, it was truly an incredible indoor season.


Riley Negrey
Centaurus High School

This was my first year doing club track, and the amount of progress I have made in all of my events since December has been astounding. Not only am I a better athlete all-around, I'm also a strong and safer athlete. The coaching that I experienced while competing for REAL training was some of the best coaching I have received. These coaches will push you mentally and physically every practice, because not only do they want you to get better and excel, they genuinely believe in you. The environment is like a giant family. Everyone here is looking out for each other and happy for each other's successes; and there to be positive when something may not have gone your way - regardless of who you were, or what school you go to. All of the athletes that I had the pleasure of training with came to practice with a positive mindset and a will to work hard. I can wholeheartedly say that spending my winter training with REAL was one of my most productive winters, and has helped mold me into a better athlete, teammate, and person. 

Thank you so much for the opportunity to compete and work hard this past fall and winter!


Makenna Turner
Peak to Peak Charter School

The moment I walked stepped onto the track, I felt like I was part of a team. Everyone made an effort to know my name, made sure I understood the exercises we were doing, and always made a point in cheering myself and others on through tough workouts. When a teammate would fall behind on a long run, the whole team would go back and run with them. The coaches, despite how many kids were a part of the team, always made sure to watch every kid and correct their form when lifting or running. They all were passionate about track, and it showed through the amount of time and effort they put into running the team. I’ve played a lot of sports throughout my life, club included, but I’ve never felt more at home on a team, accomplished after workouts, and sad after a season ended. I wish I found REAL Training sooner, and I am so glad I have them now.


Lily Margolis
Boulder High School

This was my second year participating in indoor track with REAL Training Colorado, and just like the previous year, I have ended my season having improved as an athlete and person. Before training with REAL, I was intimidated by 4x150, and now I take 16x150 in stride. The amount of work I can do in a set period of time has increased continuously, and I feel stronger and more confident both on and off the track. The confidence I have gained and the progress I have made in track since beginning REAL is all thanks to the coaching and support I have received. Thanks to these coaches, I have learned how to push myself, push my teammates, and trust and enjoy the process. The level of expertise REAL’s coaches have has also been a huge part of my success. Every coach is knowledgeable and thoughtful, and every workout and drill has a specific purpose. The REAL Training team has become my family. I know everyone is there for me, and I am there for them. The bond you create with a group of people during hard work is unbreakable. The family I have made here will be my family for life.

REAL-Thank you for all you have done for me. I would never be who I am today without the dedication you have shown myself and the team. I am proud to be a part of something so amazing.


Briar Bell
Silver Creek High School

REAL training has made me a stronger happier athlete. The program has not only helped me better my times and overall fitness, but has also provided the opportunity for me to create new friendships and to strengthen my love for the sport. All of the girls, especially the more seasoned girls, were extremely inclusive and it was apparent they put effort into making all the girls feel welcomed. Almost all the girls had amazing positivity that was made hard workouts fun. Going out of REAL training, I feel more confident in my running and excited to see where it will lead me as well as having many new friendships with girls I would have never had the opportunity to meet. 


Mia Manson
Monarch High School

This was my first year doing indoor season with REAL and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I have improved immensely as an athlete and made some forever friends. The amazing coaches and talented athletes make it really easy to stay motivated and working hard. The workouts were challenging but pushed me to get stronger physically and mentally. There is also an overall incredible environment with this team. The coaches not only care about performances and improvement but they also care about you as a person as do the other athletes. This is part of the reason why REAL truly does feel like a big family. I had such an incredible season and cannot wait for next year!