"When I joined REAL Training I was looking for a group of hardworking and talented runners to train with. What I found was not only an amazing team of athletes from around the area, but also a great support system and coach who was able to take me to the next level both as an athlete and a student. Through REAL Training, Coach Mo has taught me each of the core values of his program:

Responsibility  - Coach Mo's guidance has shown me that I am responsible for my actions both on the track and in the classroom. I am responsible for my results by having dedication on REAL Training days and also when I have to run on my own.

Education - The hard work that Mo expects from me on the track has transferred into my school work as well. He stresses that our work in school is just as important as our work on the track.

Athletics - Running for Coach Mo has earned me a National Championship in the 2014 Junior Olympics and all-state honors in high school cross country and track. It has also helped me earn a scholarship to run at Florida State University.

Leadership - Being around so many great athletes in this program has taught me how to be a leader. Since becoming a member of REAL Training, I have been selected to be my own high school's cross country and track team captain.

Coach Mo is always honest with his athletes even if it's not what they want to hear. Our top effort is always expected from us. He creates an atmosphere within the club where everyone feels welcome and we are able to have fun but get work done. I am very thankful for Coach Mo and the rest of the REAL Training staff for everything they have done for me. They have taught me the skills I need to not only excel in track and cross country but also to be successful at life."

Megan Mooney_Horizon.jpg

-Megan Mooney, Horizon High School

"Coaches, are always more than coaches. They shape your competitive spirit, they shape your athletic ability, and most importantly they shape your character. My coaching success story is molded by not just one coach, but by many coaches; both good and bad.

The first memorable coach I ever had was when I was just 8 years old. An old man, passionate about running and someone who saw a little spirit in me. This kind man wanted anyone and everyone to run, it didn't matter age shape or size, he truly believed anyone could be a runner. This small amount of belief he displayed carried me all the way to middle school where I met two more very influential coaches. These men, this coaching team, had the most passion I had experienced yet for track and field. They pushed me to go harder in everything I do and in a humble and grateful way. Opening my eyes to what I was capable of and where I could head with all of my athletics. Through 3 years of middle school and almost two years of high school these coaches continued to be a huge part of my daily life an character development. In high school there emerged some frustrating coaching methods. Methods that didn't match what I was used to and what I believed in proved to be a big test of my disposition. Trying times have also shaped me in a huge way and helped me mature and find respect for every coach no matter how good or bad.

Next in my story comes a coach that has impacted me almost more than any coach to date. This coach not only impacts me but impacts every athlete that wants to thrive at the sport of track and field. Passion and energy erupts from him mixing with the strong willed 'go get better' mindset  he has instilled in his athletes. His mentality is clear to most that know him, and he is a caring person who truly does want the kids he works with to excel in life and sports. A coach pushes you, a coach tells you what you don't want to hear, makes you see what you don't want to see, feel what you don't want to feel, to make you the athlete and the person that you want to be. The coaches I've had in my life so far truly have accomplished this and I am unwaveringly grateful for that."

Erika White2.JPG

-Erika White,  Brighton High School

"Every time I think about Coach Mo and track, I can't help but wonder where my life would have been without both. Coach Mo came into my life my sophomore year of high school. I still clearly remember the moment we first met. He introduced himself as the new head tack coach, and truth be told, I was scared by his firm handshake, Knowing our last names were somewhat similar, I knew I would not be able to hide from hime once the season came around.

Coach Mo invited me to his club team practice at CU. Knowing I was going to practice in collegiate facilities was intimidating enough. Coach Mo then proceeded to introduce me to Dior Hall. She was barely a freshman in high school when I met her, and she was already nationally ranked. I wanted to run out of Balch Fieldhouse right then and there.

Looking back, I am very thankful I could not hide from Coach Mo. I was at a difficult point in my life; at a point where I was looking for any reason to give up. He seemed to never let me out of his sight. It seemed that out of nowhere, some stranger suddenly believed in me and my potential. It seemed that out of nowhere, I was suddenly running 800m instead of 200m. And out of nowhere, I became one of the better 800m runners in the state, just like he said I would be.

Before Mo, I never truly understood what hard work was. I thought I had a good work ethic, but I was wrong. Before Mo, I thought I knew how to push myself and my limits. I was wrong. Before Mo, I thought I knew what a positive attitude was, what giving 100% effort was, what it meant to be passionate about something; and what it meant to finish everything I set out to do. I was wrong about everything. But I'm happy I was. There are all applicable life-lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life in everything that I do - school, work, running, exercise in general, coaching, everything.

Coach Mo also helped me achieve my dreams of becoming a collegiate athlete at CU-Boulder. Although my intended plan was to be a walk-on for the CU track team, Coach Mo along with Coach Jamie helped me alter my training to achieve this new goal of mine. To have theres two, as well as a long line of amazing coaches behind me, is incredible. Every single one of my coaches at REAL Training and at Niwot have been supportive in anything and everything I do. This kind of coaching staff is one-of-a-kind. It is the kind of coaching staff you find at successful collegiate track programs, but without all the politics and unnecessary logistics. This is a coaching staff I never take for granted. The support, the expertise, the love, and their pursuit of personal improvement serve as the greatest example any parent should want for their children. This team was and still is my family. And I am forever grateful that our paths crossed all those years ago."

-Deyja Enriquez, Ralphie Handler, University of Colorado at Boulder

"...I just know you have no idea how hard it is to put on paper just how great you are, and I'm afraid I didn't even come close -- I really just wanted to say "if your kid is lucky enough to be coached by Mo & Co., count that blessing twice," and leave it at that, but I'm thinking you're probably looking for more than that ...!!

Hope all is well in your world -- I really missed seeing you all through the indoor season!  I'm anxious to check up on your Niwot kids now that the high school season has finally started.  I'm sure you have some good things going on there ...

I still miss Sam like crazy, and know the only things keeping me from being admitted to the mental ward are:  1) God seeing me through this, and 2) how great Auburn is for her.  It would be so much harder if she was miserable ...  She definitely got schooled in indoor competition, but really loves her teammates and coaches, and has faith in their plan for her.  She's just in such a great place, and surrounded by such good support --- like she's never experienced before ..." 

-Samantha Bergreen, Mother of Samantha Bergreen, University of Auburn 


Samantha Berggren, Auburn.jpg

" Responsibility. Education. Athletics. Leadership. Maurice Henriques developed a program that incorporated these four words into the acronym “real,” which he integrated into his program’s name: Real Training. Henriques has succeeded at putting an equal amount of focus on each aspect of his program, teaching the values to his athletes. While coaching his athletes, he forms a relationship with each individual to further understand their goals and then develop plans to help them succeed. He embodies all of the principles of his program that he promises to provide in his athletes. Overall, Henriques and his program would receive an A+.

When I started working with Maurice Henriques, I was amazed by the comfort that all of his current athletes showed while being around him or talking to him. I first thought that it was because he has been working with these athletes for a long time, but then, as I continued to work with him, I realized that all of his athletes acted this way around him because he was so likable and easy to talk to. He forms relationships with all of his athletes, new or old, while being professional and sustaining the authority that he needs to be a coach. Maurice has learned each of this athletes’ ambitions and aspirations so he can help them to attain their goals. Maurice is an excellent coach and, overall, I would give his coaching ability and his program, Real Training, an A+. "


-Emily Boldt, Vanderbilt University  

".....I can’t even describe to you how grateful I am to have you in my life. There is no doubt in my mind that you are the best coach a student athlete could possibly ask for. I remember one of my first practices when you told us about the importance of goal setting, and how it makes all the difference in the world. From that point on, I decided I would take up this way of thinking and set goals in every aspect of my life. For the last two years, I have had times posted on my mirror at home that I wanted to be running in each of my events. Thanks to you, those times have dropped by so much that now I am getting an incredible opportunity to run in college.

            Even before I met you, I always thought of myself as a passionate person. I have always had goals for the future and wanted to become someone who would someday make a difference in the world. But after going through your intense workouts and spending time with you and the team on trips to Pocatello, Idaho and Albuquerque, New Mexico, I am now even more motivated to raise the bar for myself and set goals like making it to the NCAA Championships and run on Oregon’s track in front of thousands of people.

            The life skills I have learned, and the relationships I have made through REAL Training are invaluable to me, and I wouldn’t give them up for anything. Team work is something you wouldn’t think would be a part of an individual sport like track, but I have learned to overcome the differences I have with people around me to train together to accomplish a common goal: to create a better version of ourselves. I don’t think I have ever been more passionate about anything than track. I started getting this deep passion when I first started working with you and I truly believe that it carries over into other areas of my life. If I can be this passionate about track, I can put just as much passion into real life situations such as relationships with people in my life, or my career in sustainable entrepreneurship.

            I only wish there were more people like you in the world today; smart people who knew so much in their field, and who decided to help others achieve their dreams. I believe I am a hard worker, but I still do not think I have the many skills it takes to do what you do every day. It takes a special kind of person to do two jobs, both having to do with improving the lives young adults. You are the epitome of not only an unbelievable coach, but an all-around great human being. You are compassionate, but firm when you need to be, and I know now that you truly do care about every kid that you coach and that you want to make a difference in their life.

I just wanted to let you know that you have made a huge impact in my life and I can’t thank you enough times or explain to you in any way how thankful I am to have you as my coach and my friend. I hope Niwot has a great track season and I will definitely stay in touch with you while I am away at college. Thanks again for everything!


Hunter Leachman "

Hunter Leachman MU.jpg

-Hunter Leachman, University of Miami Ohio


"The REAL experience--My son Will ran with REAL Training for five or six years.  It was the best time of his life; for my wife and me as well. Coach Mo taught life lessons; track was the medium he used to communicate them.  With REAL training, my son trained to run faster and jump higher; and he did. He learned how to succeed and more importantly, he learned how to handle things when he didn’t do as well as he wanted, or could have.  As a father I appreciate Coach Mo sharing different perspectives than I with Will or his ability to convey the same message in a way that was better understood.  I’d like to think I became a better father through Coach Mo.  Will has gone onto college with aspirations for medical school.  He continues to approach his life and studies with the determination and persistence he learned through REAL Training and it has served him well. He works-out, maintains high grades and gives back through coaching and a Big Brother program at the university. With REAL Training you get out of it what you put into it…and if you listen…so much more."

-George and Chris Maher

"I’m writing this note for the great support my daughter and our family received, and continue to receive, from Maurice Henriques and his REAL program.  We first came to know “Coach Mo” when our daughter was a student at Highlands Ranch High School.  “Coach’” was putting together a team to compete in the Great Southwest Track and Field meet, after the regular high school season, in Albuquerque NM. 

We’d never met or talked to Coach, but he knew Eleanor and saw her potential.  He didn’t hesitate to invite her to join the team and participate.  Over the next three years, by Coach finding the right events and schedule for Eleanor, she was fortunate enough to be named the meet’s female MVP twice, from a field of hundreds of incredible athletes.

While I didn’t know Maurice well at the time, and I’m not sure he’ll remember, at the Great Southwest meet, I eavesdropped from the stands as he talked one of the many college coaches who came to recruit athletes into taking a serious look at a kid who needed a break.  This conversation and the athlete’s willingness to strive to meet grade and athletic goals led to a scholarship.  I will never forget that day.

Needless to say our daughter continued to train the REAL way in the summers that followed and recruited other team members to do the same, driving the 50 miles from Douglas County North to train with Coach Mo and the rest of the REAL kids.

The part of REAL that I saw most was the “L”, Leadership.  Coach Mo leads by example.  He always has a smile and an encouraging word for every athlete and at the same time a no excuses philosophy that encourages hard work and discipline.  That philosophy doesn’t stop after practice.  Our daughter is now a junior in college and Coach still calls and texts to talk about school first, and practice and meets second.

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience than the one we had with REAL."

-Curtis Fulton

"I have worked with coach Mo for over 4 years now. I have had a lot of success, but it didn't happen over night. When I first started running, I did it simply to get in shape for basketball and I hated it. But Coach Mo kept encouraging me to work hard and to believe in my potential. I started out with pretty much no running ability but over the years Coach Mo has taught me the skills and attitude of a champion. "I was a 4 year project!"

The workouts I do now are very different and much more difficult than the workouts I did freshman year. Training is a process that takes time, dedication and patience.  However, no matter what level you are at in your running, Coach Mo coaches with the same general philosophy: "Quality over quantity!" In our training we don't run a lot of miles (compared to other programs) but the running we do is very high intensity. This works to get your body in shape and improve your speed and ability to run at fast race paces without putting unnecessary strain on your body. We work a lot on form running, the object being to run with perfect or as close to perfect running form as possible.  The best running form allows you to run at your maximum speed using the least amount of energy. We also work a lot on running drills and plyometrics, both of which help with running form, muscle tone, and fast twitch muscle development. My skills in these areas have improved dramatically  and have lead me to great success on the track, but it is the non-physical things I have learned that have affected me most.  Coach Mo taught me to believe in myself and to be confident in my abilities. He inspired me to set lofty goals: "reach for the moon and if you fall short you'll land amongst the stars!"  He has taught me that success doesn't come easily, but if you are willing to "pay the price" the possibilities are endless. You have to be willing to push through the pain, keep going when it hurts, get up and try again when you fail, and always keep inside a belief in yourself and a visual of the success you will have. Then you can achieve anything."

Sarah Coco2.jpg

-Sarah Coco, University of Southern California


"During my career with R.E.A.L. Training and Mo, I learned not only what it took to be a better athlete, but a better person as well. Mo continuously pushes his athletes to better themselves even after they no longer compete anymore. He is always honest with all his athletes and expects the best from them. Mo has played a huge role in my development over the past years and no words I use can truly express all that he has done for my teammates and me. As I prepare to graduate from college with a degree in Civil Engineering, I would like to thank Mo for all that he has done. The amount of time and effort he puts into his athletes is way more than I could ever ask from a coach and he does all that he can in order to take you to the next level. He has always pushed all his kids to have a drive and desire to be successful. Training with Mo was one of the best decisions that I have ever made and I have no regrets."


-Jordan Aguilar (far right), University of Colorado at Boulder Graduate, Field Engineer at M.A. Mortenson

"Coach Mo has an incredible talent for seeing the potential in an athlete, for inspiring that athlete and for holding that athlete accountable in the athletic arena as well in the athlete’s personal life.  From the time my son first started hurdling and jumping, with no training, Coach Mo saw his potential.   Coach Mo held him accountable for attending practices, showing up on time, registering for meets and leading some of the warmups.  When my son was down about not progressing as he would have liked, Coach Mo inspired him, explaining that the hard work would pay off.  And it did.  He went on to win state in the triple jump and take second in the 300 hurdles.  While Coach Mo requires the athletes to step up and address any questions or issues directly with him, he is also supportive of rules at home.  The athlete cannot shirk his/her responsibilities at home just as they cannot shirk their responsibilities at track.

Coach Mo practices what he preaches.  He is an excellent role model for student athletes."

-Ellen Ross

"Coach Mo came into my life my junior year of high school, after only having one year of experience running and not even knowing if track was for me, but quickly changing my perspective for good. With Coach Mo, track wasn’t about running; it was about what type of person running molded you into. You became a person who wanted to run and not only run but be successful. Having a coach that put the amount of time and energy into every little detail of his program made you as a runner want to give him that same amount of time and energy back. Coach Mo was the type of person to call you at 6am wanting to talk about your next race because it had been something he was thinking about and couldn’t wait one more minute because he was so excited. One of the most memorable moments of running with Mo were probably some of the most painful moments I’ve ever had, but what I remember most was no matter how much pain I was in, Mo could always make me smile or laugh about something. Practice and meets were always the time to get down to business, but making the most out of it and being positive always brought out the fun.

 Mo is the type of coach that has an insane amount of confidence in his runners, even when they don’t. I was strictly a 400 runner until Mo decided the 800 was something I would excel at. I remember the first 800 I ever ran. It was at the Mullen invite, one of the bigger and more competitive meets of the season. Mo pulled me aside and told me I was going to anchor the 4 by 800m relay, giving me no time to process it because I had to go warm up right away. I have never felt like puking more in my life than before that race, but at the end of that year I ended up running the 800 at state and placing 3rd. That race was so terrifying to even think of running and I never thought it was something I could do, but Mo knew from the very beginning it was going to be my race.

Mo is the type of coach that cares about everything, but the thing he cares least about are times and race results. I have never had a coach that genuinely cares more about his athletes. It was the relationship that I formed with Mo that allowed me to be successful on and off the track. That success carried on into college, running at Colorado State University. I wanted to run and do the very best I could because I knew Mo gave us his very best every single time he stepped on the track. The experience I had running with Mo will forever carry on through any experience I go through in life. It taught me to give 100 percent in everything I do and to always find the passion in every part of life. I will always have a relationship with Mo and all the amazing runners I met through REAL. It is an experience I would redo a million times if I could, because running with and being coached by such amazing people was an unforgettable experience. "

-Kelsey Traxinger

A Colorado native, graduated in 2009 from Broomfield High School and received both athletic and academic scholarships to attend the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.  Competed and participated in three years of Track and Field before a career-ending hip injury.  Graduated May of 2013 with a BA in Strategic Communication and a minor in Business.  Currently doing promotional marketing and social media analytics for Clear Channel Colorado, with hopes of attending law school in the near future.  

Despite track career-ending injury, my passion for fitness inspired me to become a personal trainer in hopes of being able to rebuild my own strength, as well as help others reach their goals in fitness.  I trained under Coach Mo and REAL Training starting in 2008, and was able to fulfill my dreams of being a collegiate athlete, as well as learned other skills and lessons that I carry with me through other things in my life.


3-Time All-Conference, 4-Time All-State Recipient

State Champion - 300m Hurdles 2008

USATF Junior Olympics National Qualifier 2008

Scholarship Recipient to University of New Mexico

5th Place Mountain West Conference in 400m Hurdles in 2010

International Sports Science Association (ISSA) Certified Personal Trainer

CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

-Ashley Miknis, '09 Broomfield High School